The Henry Johnson Charter School is committed to providing an environment that promotes and protects children’s health, well-being and the ability to learn by proving healthy eating and physical activity.

HJCS has established a Wellness Policy for review and adoption by the HJCS Board of Trustees.

Henry Johnson Charter School administration will assess current activities, programs, and policies available within the school; identity specific areas of need within the school; develop policy; and provide methods of implementation, evaluation, revision and updating of the policy.


Henry Johnson Charter School wants its scholars to enjoy rich, rewarding and healthy lives. Following healthy eating habits is an important component in meeting this goal and the school is committed to providing nutritious meals and snacks that will keep scholars on the path to a healthy diet. School breakfast and lunch are served daily. The cost is $1.50 for breakfast and $2.30 for lunch.

We ask all parents and guardians to complete the federal Family Application for Free and Reduced Meals every fall. Reduced rates and free meals will be available to those families who qualify. Parents and guardians will be notified by mail informing them whether the scholar is eligible for free or reduced meals. We urge parents and guardians to fill out a new form whenever a significant change in family income occurs.