Name Title Contact
Dustin Mitchell Head of School [email protected]
George Borum Principal [email protected]
Jessica Hudson Director of Finance & Operations [email protected]
Kate Morales Principal [email protected]
Tanya Williams Parent Liaison [email protected]
Daquan Boykin Administrative Assistant/Office Manager [email protected]
Natasha Evans Food Service [email protected]
Kamryn Kinlow District Data Coordinator [email protected]


Name Title
Mr. Saleem Cheeks Board Chair
Mr. Robert Pistilli Treasurer
Mr. Brian Backstrom Co-Chair/Secretary
Ms. Emily Dvertola Trustee
Mr. Kete Barnes Trustee
Ms. Sharon Victoria DeSilva Trustee
Ms. Latoya Taitt Trustee
Ms. Juanita Nabors Trustee
Ms. Danasia Mcfadden Trustee