Hours: 7.30am - 3.30pm | Free Aftercare: 4.00pm - 5.00pm
**Traditional schools require that students be 5 years old by December first to enroll. Get an early start for your kindergarten scholar! Children may enroll at HJCS as long as they turn 5 years of age before Dec 31. There's free transportation for Albany, Schenectady and Troy scholars, and H.J.C.S also provides free breakfast, lunch, and snack to all students. School runs from 7:30 to 4 and there's a free daily afterschool program until 5 PM!**

HJCS is now accepting applications for NYSED certified K-6 teachers. Interested candidates should submit a resume to teach@henryjohnsoncs.org

Honor Society Members

Congratulations to our Honor Society Members

Khaleesi Goulbourne KGA
Amora Davis KGA
Emiliana Dominguez-Bruso KGA
Nyliana Mcwhorter KGA
Journee Hough KGA
Ke'Shawn Bivens KGA
Messiah Johnson KGB
Nori'Dior Corumia KGB
Madison Graham KGB
Mi-Amor Owens KGB

Gabrielle Fordyce-Wright KGB
Ismael Sabraoui KGC
Malani Smith KGC
Nasir Fason KGC
Brielle Salgado KGC
Aleta Walker 1A
Zy'asia Sessions 1A
A'mirakle Brinson 1A
Alexis Crawford 1A
Kayden Persaud 1A

Caius Douglas 1A
Alizayah Rochford 1A
Tobechukwu Udemgba 1C
Alyna Williams 1C
Bryce Thomas 2B
Kuryge Sanders 2B
Faline Hidalgo 2B
Jayden Thomas 2C
Genesis Turner 2C
Allysah Kennedy 4A

Our Mission

The Mission of Henry Johnson Charter School is to ensure that all scholars reach the highest levels of scholastic achievement in an environment that instills character, virtue, and “habits of mind” that ensure success both within and outside the classroom: diligence, courage, respect, self-reliance, duty, and responsibility.

Our Vision

Henry Johnson Charter School is a learning community where every scholar achieves academic excellence while developing exceptional character.

Free After School Program

Our after school program enriches our students with core values.


Years Old

We serve families in Albany and Surrounding districts since 2007.


Diligent Scholars

We do more than graduate students. We have happy graduates on their way to higher levels of success.


Committed Staff Members

We don’t just teach, we laugh & play harder.


SGT. Henry Johnson

We all work diligently in the spirit of excellence, like our namesake Sergeant Henry Johnson



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